Posted by: nmancini04 | August 16, 2011

Welcome to Takk For Iceland

There is an idiomatic phrase in Icelandic that the University of Wisconsin’s Icelandic online dictionary calls “essentially untranslatable” and then, mysteriously, immediately translates:

Takk fyrir mig!

It basically means “thanks for the meal,” a polite thing to say when you’re done stuffing yourself with your host’s food. Well, for the next (almost) two weeks, Maggie and I plan on feasting, not necessarily on Iceland’s food, which is famously indigestible, but on its waterfalls and volcanoes, glaciers and hot springs, museums and farmhouses.  We  arrive in Reykjavik on Thursday morning, leave Friday for a week of driving around the country and then wrap up with four days back in the capital.  If the internet coverage is kind, I will be updating this almost every day.

So even though you say Takk fyrir mig when the meal is done and ours hasn’t even begun, we think there will be a lot to be thankful for. And Takk fyrir Ísland would be a harder URL for our friends to remember.



  1. I dare you to eat the Súrsaðir hrútspungar.

    • Believe it or not, I am considering it. The hákari too, although even my guidebook warns against it…

  2. Takk fyirr blog.

  3. Love you!

  4. There are a bunch of interesting modern houses in Iceland. If you come across any that you like, send some picts along.

  5. totally looking forward to hearing about your explorations!

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